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Becoming "That Girl"!

Updated: Mar 5

Welcome, Sis, to a journey of transformation and empowerment, where we delve into the essence of becoming the "it girl." The concept of the "it girl" transcends the superficial layers of societal standards, inviting us into a deeper exploration of self-love, confidence, and the magnetic pull of authentic feminine energy. The "it girl" is not defined by her outward appearance, material wealth, or the garments she adorns but by her inner light, the unwavering love she holds for herself, and the confidence that illuminates the world around her.

However, the path to embodying this divine essence is often obscured by misconceptions and societal narratives that distract us from our true power. Many believe that the allure of the "it girl" lies in her physical beauty, the luxury she surrounds herself with, or the fashion statements she makes. This belief system is a mirage, leading many women away from the essence of true magnetism—self-love and confidence.

True magnetism cannot be applied like makeup or acquired like the latest fashion trend. It is the glow of self-respect, the grace of self-awareness, and the strength found in vulnerability. External beauty fades, but self-love and embracing your Divine Feminine Essence create an authentic attraction that allures.

What Hinders a Woman from Being the "It Girl"?

  1. External Validation: Seeking approval and worth from outside sources rather than cultivating it within.

  2. Comparison: Measuring one's value against the successes and attributes of others, rather than embracing one's unique journey.

  3. Neglecting Self-love: Placing others' needs and desires above one's own, leading to a disconnection from self.

  4. Ignoring Inner Growth: Focusing solely on external beauty and material success, while neglecting emotional, spiritual, and mental development.

  5. Fear of Authenticity: Hiding one's true self for fear of judgment or rejection, thus dimming the inner light that attracts genuine connections.

5 Tips to Becoming the "It Girl"

  1. Cultivate Self-Love: Prioritize your needs, desires, and well-being. Embrace the philosophy that self-love is not selfish but a necessary foundation for a fulfilled life.

  2. Embrace Your Authenticity: Unveil your true self with courage and pride. Your uniqueness is your power, your signature in the world.

  3. Foster Confidence: Build confidence not from external achievements but from recognizing your inherent worth and embracing your journey with grace.

  4. Nurture Your Inner World: Invest in your emotional, spiritual, and mental growth. The depth of your being is where true beauty resides.

  5. Live with Purpose: Align your actions with your passions and values. A life lived with purpose radiates a compelling energy that attracts genuine connections.

5 Missteps on the Path to Being "It"

  1. Imitating Others: Losing yourself in the pursuit of being someone else's version of desirable.

  2. Neglecting Personal Growth: Focusing solely on physical appearance while ignoring the richness of your inner world.

  3. Seeking Perfection: Chasing an unattainable ideal of perfection instead of embracing your perfectly imperfect journey.

  4. Valuing Material Wealth Over Self-Worth: Measuring your value by your possessions rather than the treasures within your soul.

  5. Fear of Standing Out: Dimming your light to fit in, rather than shining brightly and attracting those who appreciate your true essence.

Becoming the "it girl" is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and embracing the divine power of your feminine essence. It's about creating a life you love, filled with passion, purpose, and authentic connections. Remember, empowered women empower women, and by stepping into your power, you become a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embark on their own journey of transformation.

Let us walk this path together, embracing our true selves, tapping into our power, and living whole, healed, healthy, and happy lives. Join me in breaking the stained glass ceiling, for when we shine in our authentic light, we illuminate the way for others.

In closing, I invite you to reflect on your journey towards becoming the "it girl." Which steps will you take today to embrace your Divine Feminine Essence and live authentically? Your light is needed in this world, now more than ever.

With love and empowerment,


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