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(A portion of the proceeds from our programes directly fund our initiative to combat sex trafficking.)

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Learn, Grow, Heal with My Sister My Seed Courses

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Feminine Energy 101

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Relationship Rehab

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Divine & Aligned

Relationship Rehab is a deep dive into healing inner emotional wounds that cause women to experience repeated heartbreak. After pausing your intimate relationships to focus on looking deep within, you'll learn to do the inner work that prioritizes self-love, which is the key to all healthy and happy relationships.

Divine and alinged is a course designed to help you find and fullfill your purpose and learn to monetize your God-given gifts and talents. Your gifts will make room for you but first you have to be clear about your gifts, how to use them, and how to position them so that others can benefit from what God uniquely created you to do.

Become the woman of your dreams by learning to embody and connect to your divine feminine energy. This course will teach you how to tap into your Light, Dark, and Masculine energy so that you can access your power and thrive in a world meant to have you live beneath who you were created to be.

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