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My Sister My Seed, a 501c3 nonprofit, was formed in 2013 with the goal to educate and empower young women and girls, communities, schools, and the entire village responsible for raising and protecting young women and girls.   EDUCATION is the tool we use to help the village understand what sex trafficking is, who's at risk, and how it works.  Self-love and self-esteem are the EMPOWERMENT tools we use to arm young women girls with the best frontline defense against the manipulation traffickers use.

Since our start, we have been on the frontline of the fight against sex trafficking.  We've educated thousands of young women and girls and communities, we have held empowerment events to help girls build their frontline defense, and we have advocated and lobbied for girls' rights on Capital Hill. 

However, as sex trafficking continues to devastate the lives of young women and girls across America where billions of dollars are annually built, literally on the backs of young women and girls, our work is far from over. 

Our Founder


Rev.  Dr. Vanetta R. Rather

Greetings and thank you for visiting our website,

Your visit means you're disturbed by sex trafficking just as I am.  It disturbed my heart when I learned how young girls, some as young as 12 years old, were being bought and sold in America's sex trade. I couldn't shake the heartbreak I felt that girls were forced and coerced to have sex (be raped) by multiple men each. day.  I was angry, saddened, and disturbed, and these feelings I couldn't let go of.  As a person of faith, I understood that when something disturbs your heart, that "something" is your work to do! 


I began to educate myself about sex trafficking and share what I had learned with colleagues, friends, and family. 

But I wanted to do more! 


My Sister My Seed is how I try to do more!

My Sister My Seed is purpose work for me.  My purpose is to empower and inspire women and girls to live an abundant life of purpose, and to be all they were created to be.  Young women and girls who are enslaved in sex trafficking have little chance of living the abundant life they were created to experience.  Therefore, I am on a mission to prevent as many young women and girls as I can from becoming victims of sex trafficking. 


No young girl should experience the horrors of sex trafficking.   Join us to right this wrong!  Let us not allow slavery to flourish on our watch!


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We are always looking to help educate the community about sex trafficking.   Please contact us if your church, sorority, school, or community organization would benefit from a sex trafficking education seminar.  Also, if you would like to partner with us to end sex trafficking, we would love to hear from you!

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