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Meet Our Founder

Founder of My Sister My Seed

Dr. Vanetta Rather

Rev. Dr. Vanetta Rather is an author, captivating speaker/preacher, nonprofit founder, and hope-restoring coach to women who want to live whole, healed, healthy, and happy lives both personally and professionally.  Her philosophy that the Church has harmed women psychologically sets her apart from other typical faith leaders, and she's 100% okay with that.

Dr. Rather will never apologize for teaching women that a self-love that prioritizes your wants, needs, and desires over others is in proper divine order and way better than positioning yourself at the bottom of the list in your own life.  She encourages women to embody and embrace their Divine Feminine Essence.  Despite some resistance, a growing number of women are attracted to her take on women and faith.

After earning a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry from the Wesley Theological Seminary, Dr. Rather was content serving in the Church for over 19 years as a gifted and inspiring preacher, until she wasn’t.

Continuously hitting her head on the stained-glass ceiling was enough to see that she would never live her full authentic life and fulfill her purpose and passion while serving in a traditional sense.  Dr. Rather left full-time professional church ministry in 2014 after starting her nonprofit, My Sister My Seed, in 2013 to empower women and girls.


She knows this work is so much deeper than she initially believed. Dr. Rather has always known that she was called to serve others, particularly women.  What makes her most proud in doing this work are the women and girls whose lives are impacted. Dr. Rather believes that women are amazing and when women understand the power they have access to when women tap into and embrace their divine feminine essence, women change not only themselves but they change the world.  


Living a whole, healed, happy, existence is a woman’s birthright, and I desire to be the woman/sister/faith leader/friend who teaches other women to follow the sound of the genuine in them to create a life that they love.


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