My Sister My Seed is a 501c3 non-profit registered with the IRS.  When you donate to MSMS, your tax deductible contribution will support all of our initiatives to empower women and girls, especially girls who have been traumatized and victimized by sex trafficking. We Will Put Your Contribution to Great Use Empowering Women and Girls!

Donate To Women


Some of the women we seek to empower aren’t always women with means.  


We at My Sister My Seed are mindful of the fact that 70% of those who live in poverty in this country are women and children and you can help support our intitiatives to empower women.


$250 allows us to provide space and lunch for 10 women to do our basic women’s empowerment training


$500 allows 10 women to attend our Women’s Empowerment Day Party


$1000 50 women to attend the Women’s Empower Series.

Donate To Girls


$100 will allow 5 girls to attend our Sex Trafficking/Self Esteem Prevention & Awareness Training.


$300 will allow 3 girls to attend our Passion & Fashion Session 

$500 allows  5 girls to experience Girl Talk Tea Party

$1000 allows 10 girls to participate in our Girl Power Day Conference

$2500 allows 10 girls who’ve experienced the horrors of sex trafficking to have our Survivor’s Day Out 

“You Give, We Inspire”

“Funding Dreams”

“Contributions that change lives”