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My Sister My Seed, birthed in 2013 by the visionary Rev. Dr. Vanetta R. Rather, began as a beacon of hope and a fortress against the shadows of sex trafficking, which is modern-day slavery and a billion-dollar enterprise preying on our most young and vulnerable.


When Dr. Rather learned of sex trafficking and how it devastates the lives of young girls, it disturbed her heart.  She firmly believes that when something disturbs your heart, it is your work to do!  Dr. Rather began to educate and empower young girls, families, and communities about the unseen chains of sex trafficking.


For a decade, My Sister My Seed focused on fortifying young girls against the manipulation of traffickers who see young girls as a commodity to be bought and sold like property.

My Sister My Seed has partnered with over 50 schools, churches, and community organizations in the Washington, Metropolitan area to educate and empower young women and girls. We have conducted hundreds of workshops, seminars, and events and touched the lives of thousands of girls and families.  We are very proud of the work we've done over the past decade and we are excited to protect and positively impact the lives of even more girls in the future.


Yet, as we journeyed, our mission has expanded! For over a decade, My Sister My Seed focused solely on protecting our "SEED." However, our mission has always included women--hence the name "My Sister My Seed."


We are now ready to expand our work so that we fulfill our full mission to Women and Girls!





In 2024, My Sister My Seed began building a community of women who are committed to living as whole, healed, happy, and healthy as possible. Through emotional healing, fostering healthy relationships with self and others, and illuminating pathways to embody the Divine Feminine Essence, My Sister My Seed is committed to building a community of courageous, confident who are authentic and unapologetic about creating lives they love.   

Our offerings – courses, coaching, retreats, and live events – are sanctuaries for transformation. Here, we delve deep into our Divine Feminine Essence, tapping into our power, and creating lives we passionately love. Empowered women empowering women – this is the ethos that pulses at the heart of My Sister My Seed.

We are so excited about where we've been and we are equally excited about where we are headed!

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