What We Do

Three of My Sister My Seed’s four objectives (educate, empower, and restore) are fulfilled through event-based services and education/awareness training.  Our fourth objective, which is to advocate for justice and rights for young women and girls, is fulfilled through organizing individuals to demand local and federal legislation that criminalizes buyers and sellers without criminalizing victims. 


My Sister My Seed Education and Awareness objective is to ensure parents, teachers, church leaders, communities, schools, college campuses, and especially young women and girls understand what sex trafficking is, the signs to look for, and how to protect and keep young women and girls safe.


We provide training specifically for adults and training for young girls. We also provide an annual Sex Trafficking Conference during Human Trafficking Awareness Month (January).  


Our education training opportunities include:

  • Buying & Selling of Girls - Adult Training

  • Buying & Sell ing of Girls - Young Women & Girl’s Training

  • Sex Trafficking Annual Conference


Young women and girls who know their value and worth are least likely to be manipulated by the tactics traffickers use.  Our Young Women’s College Campus Tour and our Girl’s Tours are special events that we take to cities that are deemed “hubs” for trafficking are Empowerment Day Parties that not only educate young women and girls about sex trafficking, but they help them see themselves through a lens of worth and value.


Our empowerment opportunities include:

  • Trust Your Sparkle - Girls Tour   

  • Be Safe - Stay Free Self Love - College Campus Tour

  • Confidence Boot Camp


The services and programs My Sister My Seed offers not only focuses on girls at risk but girls who have already experienced the horror of sex trafficking.  Survivors of sex trafficking have a long way to go to full recovery. Our goal is to help girls understand they are not the experiences they’ve been through.  We seek to restore dignity, self-worth, and self-love to young women and girls who are struggling to piece life back together.


We offer young women and girls opportunities for fun, connection, and pampering.  We take girls to dinner, provide spa days, paint parties, and opportunities to socialize in a safe environment.


Our restorative program includes:

  • Survivor’s Day Out 


My Sister My Seed is committed to ensuring young women and girls impacted by sex trafficking are not criminalized by the justice system after being victimized,  We are also committed to making sure those who buy and sell girls are held accountable.


We organize our communities and partners in support of legislation that should be passed and legislation that will do more harm than good.  Our goal is to help community members engage with their legislative leaders, both local and at the federal level when rights for young women and girls are at stake.