Self-love is  Defense 
Awareness is  Power 

Trust Your Sparkle

Girl's Empowerment

Be Safe/Stay Free

Self Love College Tour

Confidence Boot Camp

Sex Trafficking Awareness 101

Survivor's Day Out

Self Love and education/ awareness are two of the best front line defenses young women and girls have against the manipulating tactics traffickers use.

Trust Your Sparkle

Teaching Teens & Pre-teens to believe in self and honor what makes them unique.  

Be Safe/Stay Free College Campus Tour

The college tour educates college students about sex trafficking and how to self protect.

Confidence Boot Camp

A twelve session workshop that builds courage and confidence as a means of helping girls guard against sex trafficking.

Sex Trafficking Awarness 101

A thorough education about sex trafficking including social media safety, signs to look for, how traffickers manipulate, and how to keep young women and girls safe.

Survivor's Day Out

Supporting girls who have been trafficked rebuild/restore self-worth and dignity through spa days, dinners, etc.  Survivor's Day Out helps young women and girls understand they are more than the experiences they've been through.