Our Goals......

Educate - To educate women and girls about sex trafficking.  Education is power and through workshops and teachings, we will expose the tactics traffickers use to enslave and exploit those most vulnerable. 


Empower - To help women and girls develop and sharpen their best defense against sex traffickers, which is a healthy sense of identity, self-love, self-worth, and self-care. An empowered self is the beginning of embracing and, when necessary, demanding gender respect, equality, and justice.

Our Why..........

 Traffickers prey on the most vulnerable in our communities.   

Our How........


Women &


The best defense young women and girls have is a healthy sense of self.  A girl empowered and armed with self-love, self-esteem--a girl who knows her worth and value--is least likely to fall victim to the manipulating tactics traffickers use.

Our Beginning......

My Sister My Seed is a nonprofit organization built on love and a desire to protect women and girls, especially women and girls, from Sex Trafficking. 

Sex Trafficking is modern-day slavery and in 2013 our founder, Dr. Vanetta Rather, started My Sister My Seed to make sure young women and girls were educated about sex trafficking and given the tools and resources to safeguard against it.

Our mission, since our inception, has been to create a safer and more just world for women and girls.  Educating, empowering, and advocating for women and girls is how we fulfill our mission.